Funeral Services Available in Launceston, TAS

We Will Walk You Through the Prepaid Funeral Process

It has been said: “it is not how you start but how you finish that really counts”. Others say “life is all about the journey”. We at Lethborg Family Funerals think both statements are true.

We are passionate about seeing people’s life journey’s celebrated and like to see people finish well. One way to finish well is by pre-planning your funeral. Pre-planning your own funeral helps you finish well in two main ways.

1) It helps you focus on what really is important in Life.

Many self help gurus advocate that we should begin with the end in mind. They say we should visualise being at our own funeral and what people would say about our life’s journey. When we consider our own funeral and our own mortality it brings into sharp focus what is really important in life. Most of us discover that what is really important in life is relationships not material processions. This revelation can change a persons life and help them finish well. Not only that preplanning your funeral is one of the best things you can do for your loved ones.

2) It eases the burden your loved ones face.

Whether you use our prepaid funeral services (we recommend sureplan funeral bond/insurance) or just record your final wishes and personal details required, this helps those arranging the funeral tremendously. Your family knowing your wishes greatly helps their decision making at a time it is really hard to think straight. Obviously putting aside provisions for funeral costs takes another burden off your loved ones.

It is really easy.

"We were suprised how easy and relaxed it was preplanning our funerals with Lethborg Family funerals. Dare I say it; It was even fun" - preplanning customer